Col. P.S. Gopal, Age 71

It is always pleasurable to share your experiences in life with others. So here today I would like to share my experiences with you all. I retired from Army on 1 jan 1995 at the age of 52. After my retirement I thought of no more Army exercises and resigned from the active life on this account. I thought walking was the only exercise meant for me from now onwards. Thus I had not exercised my body for quite a long time. I had developed frozen shoulders and stiff hip joints.
I used to bring my grand daughter to CKD classes and I used to see children doing exercises and CKD patterns but never thought of myself doing them. Though Master Bikram S Thapa used to coax me to join CKD but I never thought these exercises are meant for me. However when Master Bikram s Thapa came back from International CKD seminar from US and showed me a photograph of a lady whom he met there at seminar. Master Thapa’s motivation worked here on me when I saw the photograph of a lady who started practicing CKD at the age of 80 years and here I joined CKD academy.

I started practicing CKD on May 2008 and since then I am regular with it. I feel more energetic, more agile, more active and more confident, last but not the least I have almost forgotten my age .Now I feel more young than my 68 yrs. I don’t feel comfortable and easy the day I don’t do CKD exercises. With my personal experience I can say that age is no bar for CKD. I would say that CKD patterns and exercises are more useful for senior citizens to keep themselves physically fit and make life more enjoyable.


AGE  : 39 years

Dear All,

Pil Seung!
I am learning Martial Art from CMSE since 1st April 2013.
My experience till now is as follows:

It increases the self-confidence for facing any situation in self-defense. One gets the strength, flexibility and concentration.Technique of warming up before starting the practice and doing stretching exercises ( which is actually yoga )after the practice is the best thing as it helps the body parts. Power-Yoga which is done occasionally gives all the required power. Last but not the least, Master Bikram S Thapa and his team of experts is excellent. The team is professional and they give personal attention to everybody.


Name : Vikram Singh
Age: 42

CKD has immensely benefitted  e not only physically but also mentally. It is based on scientific approach and is beneficially different from other forms of martial arts. My flexibility and stamina has improved drastically. I find it complete system for keeping good health. Remember health is wealth.


AGE :28 years

Dear All,
Pil Seung!
I’m a student at Choi Kwang Do, Punchkula. I joined CKD before 3 months. I would like to share my some experience there so that someone can get benefit from those. I’m getting a lot positive experience at CKD. Its training structure is well designed, trainee get there overall improvements. Master Bikram S. Thapa and other instructors are very skilled and cooperative.

I would categorize my improvement in 2 parts:
Health specific improvements:
1) I lose my weight.
2) I had a digestion problem before joining CKD but it is getting better now.
3) I feel more energetic and strong now.
4) No body pain at all.
5) Increasing stamina.

Mind Specific improvements (the most important):
1) Now, I’m being more alert at my working place.
2) My Focus power is increasing.
3) Memory is also improving.
4) Most importantly, I feel more confidence in public or officially environments.
5) I’m more self-disciplined now.
6) Increasing my courage to face the hardness of life.
I would like to suggest everyone to join the the martial art. The most basic psychological benefit to join martial art school is that, It helps you to get rid of any kind of fear in your life. Fear is a sickness and it crawls into the soul of anyone who engages it.
Let us live with courage and peace…