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Col. P.S. Gopal, Age 76
It is always pleasurable to share your experiences in life with others. So here today I would like to share my experiences with you all. I retired from Army on 1 jan 1995 at the age of 52. After my retirement I thought of no more Army exercises and resigned from the active life on this account. I thought walking was the only exercise meant for me from now onwards. Thus I had not exercised my body for quite a long time. I had developed frozen shoulders and stiff hip joints.

I used to bring my grand daughter to CKD classes and I used to see children doing exercises and CKD patterns but never thought of myself doing them. Though Master Bikram S Thapa used to coax me to join CKD but I never thought these exercises are meant for me. However when Master Bikram s Thapa came back from International CKD seminar from US and showed me a photograph of a lady whom he met there at seminar. Master Thapa’s motivation worked here on me when I saw the photograph of a lady who started practicing CKD at the age of 80 years and here I joined CKD academy.

I started practicing CKD on May 2008 and since then I am regular with it. I feel more energetic, more agile, more active and more confident, last but not the least I have almost forgotten my age .Now I feel more young than my 68 yrs. I don’t feel comfortable and easy the day I don’t do CKD exercises. With my personal experience I can say that age is no bar for CKD. I would say that CKD patterns and exercises are more useful for senior citizens to keep themselves physically fit and make life more enjoyable.
Ever since my childhood, I had been interested in learning martial arts. After examining the techniques of various martial arts which are being taught in and around Chandigarh, I chose to learn Choi Kwang Do. Over the years that I’ve been learning it, I have felt a lot of improvement in my body.

The biggest advantage of learning it has been the sharpening of reflexes and knowing how to use my own body for self-defence rather than to remain dependent on the use of any weapon to defend myself including how to disarm an opponent irrespective of the weapon which he or she has. The stretching exercises which are a part of this martial art, have enhanced the suppleness of my body. I would further give it credit for increasing my strength and stamina. The correct channelization of energy while maintaining self-control adds another feature to its list of advantages. After my practice in the morning, I also felt that during the entire day, I could work more energetically and efficiently. I would recommend everyone to learn this martial art.
(Pradeep Virk)

      Pradeep Virk
      Age-38 years
 3rd Dan Black Belt
     Karan Bagla
2nd dan Black Belt
   Age-39 years
   Buiness Men

My Journey as a Martial Artist
“A journey of a thousand Miles starts with a single step”
 My journey on this path began with a keen interest and curiosity, the proverbial single step that grew over time and drove me forward. The seed in the form of love for martial arts was sown in my heart at the tender age of 5, when I saw my very first “Bruce Lee” starrer movie. That moment left a lasting imprint on my memory and a deep desire to learn this art form. Back in the day, there was no internet, and the avenues to learn martial arts in the small City that I grew up in were very limited. Over a period of time, I realized that I may not get an opportunity to learn martial arts, however, every time I saw a movie with Bruce Lee, my admiration of this art and respect for the artist grew manifold. Time went by and I got involved in College, Work, Family and Children. With age, this dream became a yearning of what I could not do when age was on my side, but opportunities were not. Nature works in mysterious ways and when you want something with all your heart, the universe manifests in ways to enable you achieve it.

I count my blessings for the day when I saw a pamphlet in my letter box, not too many years ago, which had the advertisement for “Choi Kwang Do” Martial Arts institute. It filled me with Joy and was hopeful that I will be able to provide this opportunity that I lost, to my children as they grow up. Little did I know that life was offering me a golden opportunity.
I was thrilled to find out that I can still learn Martial arts and am not disqualified on account of my age. That was a huge positive boost and motivated me towards a new beginning of a journey that I aspired to embark upon as a child.
I began my martial arts adventure by showing up to practice that first day, knowing that I need to survive to the end. I had to train harder to stay at pace with the youngsters, but my determination was never inadequate. I had a few learnings along the way that I feel may be worth something to others who want to tread on this path. The first thing I realized was to be master of your technique, and that can only happen if you practice, practice and practice some more. Secondly, it is paramount to keep your goal in sight at all times, especially when you feel down and the training gets tough. My goal since a very tender age was to become a Black Belt in martial arts, and that goal kept me going on and on.
I was extremely lucky and thankful to have had an opportunity to train with the Master himself –Master. Bikram S Thapa. He has been extremely encouraging and his efforts and faith in his students gives immense confidence to all students to deliver their best. I am thankful to our team of fabulous instructors who Master Bikramhas trained himself, have the capability to bring out the best from each student, and have the ability to create a league of excellent Martial Artists. I am also thankful for my fellow martial artists with whom I have trained, as they supported me in delivering my best.
The highest color belt awarded in many martial arts grading systems, is the Black Belt.Passing the Black Belt test is an experience any martial artist will remember for a lifetime, and the process to reach there is transformative and rewarding. With the blessings of the almighty and my coaches, I was able to achieve my Black Beltat the age of 35, in September 2014, after roughly 3.5 years of rigorous training. I can proudly recall that event as the biggest achievement of my lifetime.  I believe if I could achieve this at an age when I did, it was because of the scientific technique of this Martial Art form that ensures your body evolves and strengthens as you train more and more. The perfect combination of Choi Kwang Do Training with warm-up, cool-down, stretches and strength training ensures that your body adapts to the pace of training, without any wear and tear.
Simply put, life throws you many excuses not to train, but it's up to you to make it work.No matter how old you are, training in the martial arts is one of the best ways you can invest in yourself, and the Black Belt in Choi Kwang Do serves as a stepping-stone for a lifetime of growth, learning, and exploration.
Vikram B. Singh
 Age – 43 yrs   
Business Men
Black Belt 1st Degree (Blue Stripe)
I have been in different forms of Martial Arts which focuses on only sports competitions. My self, as a practitioner believe in Choi Kwang Do for optimum health and self defence purpose for all age groups. I joined CKD five years ago at the age of 38. The things that attracted me towards Choi Kwang Do are its sequential movements which generate explosive power in its actions based on scientific principles and its flexibility exercise which is based on yoga. After joining it, I availed all the benefits like stamina, power, flexibility, positive attitude and discipline than earlier. This helps in all parts of life. So, I am growing young (not old). It feels good and I shows.   Pil Seung
    Shikha Sharma
      Age 23 years
       Gold Belt
It is an opportunity for me that I am doing world’s greatest martial art “Choi Kwang Do’. Being a martial artist is an achievement. In the words of “Master Bikram S. Thapa”. “you are the chosen ones as we are doing such an incomparable martial art. It teaches us to have  “Pil Seung Attitude” or “The Unbreakable Spirit”. Actually, I am gaining the unbreakable spirit. I have become more confident and happy. I have become more positive after joining the Choi Kwang Do classes. When I practice, my frustration gets out of my mind. And I feel very fresh. The warm up and cool down exercise are amazing. ‘Shout’ also plays an important role in the martial art. When we shout with any action, it adds power to our action as well as removes negative energy from our body. This is the only martial art based on scientific approach. It’s an all around growth or development, getting training in martial art. It’s very enthusiastic being in the class and with other students. I am proud to be a martial artist. Pil Seung     
Hailing from a sporting background, I was always encouraged to look for Martial Arts training by my mother. Having played a lot of sports, she realized that every sportsperson needs aggression to succeed, but this aggression should be well-controlled or it can have opposite effects. Furthermore, Martial Arts has also always been associated with discipline. Another vital quality needed to succeed in sport. We grew up watching Karate Kid and other such movies. However, one never thought that we could even experience Martial Arts, leave alone achieve something in it.So I was happily surprised when I heard of Choi-Kwang do. I started learning with a friend and our children and soon realized that this is a discipline that one can train for at any age.

Soon the cautious approach diminished and we started enjoying our classes and recommending them to friends. It was everything we have heard of regarding Martial Arts and much more. We have gained confidence, my children are confident and stronger. We hope that they will be able to defend themselves should they ever be in a situation where they need to and above all, we have fun. The thrill of landing a perfect back hand punch or the stamina required to sustain an air shield all make it thrilling though sometimes exhausting.  It's great as a form of exercise, excellent stress reliever and a hundred percent fun. I would recommend it to anyone interested in fitness. But it's all thanks to the hard work put in by Mr. Bikram Thapa and his excellent team of instructors.

Phil Sueng!

        Shona Singh
      Age - 45 years
        Green belt
S.C.O. 193, Sector-16 2nd Floor

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