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CKD Tiiny Tigers Classes

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Choi Kwang-Do Martial Art’s junior student program is designed specifically for children of all ages to give them the skills needed to move forward in life. Students are motivated to set goals for themselves and are encouraged with positive reinforcement to reach their goals. Every child is taught that he or she has a potential and through our martial art system of leadership, every child will have the opportunity to discover that potential. Most of all, children have fun while learning valuable developmental and life saving skills! The program provide warm and nurturing environment to instill the necessary skills and mannerisms to embrace life with an “I can do it” attitude! And mesmerize their tiny world. The program would be beneficial for
  • If your child is shy or timid
  • If your child is Hyperactive
  • If your child is developmentally delayed (Physically & Cognitively)
  • If your child is aggressive
S.C.O. 193, Sector-16 2nd Floor

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