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CFI's Members

CFI Members
At Choi Kwang Do federation of  india (CFI), we are committed to educating our instructors and students whom decide to further their career with us. CFI currently has five levels of instructor accreditation so that instructors and students can continue to develop. For example, an Choi Kwang Do Member (the highest level of accreditation that can be achieved with CFI) is rather like a "doctorate" and requires the highest level of commitment, dedication and study.

The main reasons for becoming a student in Choi Kwang Do is to achieve optimum health, to learn practical self-defense and for personal development purposes. Within two weeks of joining a Choi Kwang Do school, students often experience a greater feeling of physical and mental well being than they have ever experienced before. Students can test every 2 months for their next belt (from White Belt to 1st Degree Black belt).

Assistant Instructor – At Gold belt, dedicated students can certify as Assistant Instructors. While helping others with achieving their goals in Choi Kwang Do, Assistant Instructors learn leadership skills, teaching skills and may also benefit with the privilege of accelerated promotion.

Head Instructor – Dedicated and capable Black Belt Assistant Instructors can be certified as Head Instructors if they are recommended to do so by their Chief Instructor. A Head Instructor is able to teach a class without needing any assistance from a Chief Instructor. A Choi Kwang Do school can have many Head Instructors.
Chief Instructor/School Owner – Chief Instructors are Choi Kwang Do instructors who run their own schools. They are responsible for the quality and delivery of Choi Kwang Do at their school as well as managing their own team of Assistant and Head Instructors.

Advanced Chief Instructor – Advanced Chief Instructors hold a Diploma with CFI. In addition to teaching at and owning their own school, they are licensed by CFI to train new school owners.

Advanced Chief Instructors go through intensive physical and academic training under the Sr.Master . As the highest level of instructor qualification attainable within CFI, Advanced Chief Instructors possess the most comprehensive knowledge of our art as well as martial arts business.

CFI Member  has certified as an Advanced Chief Instructor, and is trained and consulted by the Sr. Master. All CFI Member  have been personally selected by the Sr. Master for their individual qualities and strengths. Member  are not necessarily the highest-ranking Black belts but are individuals who are the most dedicated to the growth of Choi Kwang Do. CFI are the most qualified Choi Kwang Do Instructors in the organization and receive up-to-date information on health, fitness and science directly from the International Sr.

Professional Program Director
Anyone over the age of 18 may apply for this position. Applicants must be hard working, people friendly, self motivated, energetic and dedicated. Applicants will be trained from A to Z in the day-to-day business operations of full-time professional school. Upon completion of the program, they will be offered a full-time position in one of our professional locations with high earning potential. There is a high demand for Professional Program Directors allovers India.


School Owner Certification
Suitable and dedicated individuals who desire to make a fulfilling career change and become professional Choi Kwang Do instructors, can apply to enter into the CKD India School Owner Program. They are taken through intense one-on-one Professional Instructor training as well as a comprehensive Choi Kwang Do business course. Applicants may become certified as Chief Instructors in a considerably shorter period of time and are authorized to open their own Choi Kwang Do schools upon completion of the course. An Advanced Chief Instructor or Faculty Member will certify a new school owner.
S.C.O. 193, Sector-16 2nd Floor

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