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Anatomy & Physiology

Successful aging requires ongoing physical exercise and maintenance. Research and statistics now view aging in general as lifestyle related. Physical and mental deterioration is dependent on lifestyle and environmental influences: primarily improper diet and lack of exercise. With better lifestyle habits, including exercise, people can avoid many health problems.
The musculoskeletal system
The development of strong, healthy bones begins in early childhood, but the maintenance of a healthy skeleton takes lifelong commitment and effort. While low bone density after menopause is a common problem with women today, age-related thinning and porosity of bones is very common in men and women. Because the main reason for early bone weakness and degeneration is lack of use, activity and exercise, Choi Kwang Do Martial Art  can help by providing the proper amount and intensity of exercise! It can also help preserve your joint structure because joint motions are never isolated to one plane in a CKD technique. Even the person holding the air shield that is being hit will develop endurance and overall conditioning, including bone and muscle strength.

Ligaments are bands of joint connective tissue made up of the proteins collagen and elastin, and they hold bones in synovial joints together. Ligaments are strong and flexible, but not very elastic. They resist movements that overstress joints, and h e l p limit joint movement. However, ligaments don't always manage to prevent abnormal joint motions and so can tear. Blood supply to ligaments is limited, so an injury can take many months to heal. At Choi Kwang Do Martial Art, we teach that it's important to gradually and progressively practice techniques in order t o strengthen ligaments and avoid injury
Fitness Benefits
Choi Kwang Do is a holistic health system. Every student within Choi Kwang Do Federation of India is focused on living a more productive, healthier and longer life. Because of that, we tailor an individual's training to meet their own personal needs and promote better health in their life. Sports training has little to do with health— the goal is winning. Competitions overstress the body with high-intensity workouts that overtax the immune system and cause injuries. Statistics show more than 10,000,000 sports injuries are treated each year in the United States.

At Choi Kwang Do, individuals may train at any age and enjoy the benefits of fitness and longevity. Levels of intensity, frequency and duration are all systematically developed for wellness. We encourage all our students to exercise regularly and to live a wholesome lifestyle.

We have many exciting and enjoyable drills to develop individuals aerobically and anaerobically. Both are important: Aerobic fitness training develops stamina and endurance, which assists you in daily life. Anaerobic training develops speed, agility and explosive power, which is essential in self-defense. And the combination strengthens the heart and lungs. We also teach a complete stretching method designed to strengthen all muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones, and our patterns use natural, rhythmic, fluid, contra-lateral movements. We systematically train both sides of the body evenly, in coordination with the eyes, which allows students to stimulate and develop their brain as well as their muscles.

All of Choi Kwang Do's techniques are based on biomechanical principles—sudden, jerky movements are not used. This allows a practitioner to not only produce maximum force and promote health, but also to decrease the chance of injury. Our integrated movements also allow elder individuals to adapt slowly. Joint and muscle strength, mobility level, joints' range of motion, endurance and fitness can be gradually improved. Because you use your entire body in the exercises, even bones can become stronger.

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